The best recipes for preparing zucchini for the winter with chili ketchup

The best recipes for preparing zucchini for the winter with chili ketchup

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Marinate zucchini with chili ketchup for your family for the winter! Slightly spicy and crispy, they go well with meat dishes, a plate of spaghetti, serve as a snack for alcoholic beverages. Such zucchini have a dense consistency, with a delicate tomato flavor, but there is no obvious taste of ketchup. If desired, the tomato chili sauce can be substituted for the more discreet paprika ketchup or kebab sauce. But for the sharpness of sensations it is better to use chili.

Zucchini with spicy sauce

It is recommended to use young zucchini, with a thin and delicate skin.

Required products:

  • milk ripeness of zucchini - 1 - 5 kg;
  • 1/3 cup chili or other hot ketchup
  • 2 tsp salt;
  • black peppercorns - 10 pcs.;
  • 50 g sugar;
  • 80 g apple cider vinegar;
  • 2 glasses of purified drinking water.

This recipe for the winter is designed for 1.5 liters of preservation. It is optimal to preserve such a workpiece in 0.5 liter jars, in extreme cases - one liter each. A portion from such a container is quickly consumed.

Note! It is inconvenient to lay out the resulting salad in jars of different heights (1 liter and 0.5 liters), because during sterilization it is necessary to pour water into a saucepan to boil them at different levels.

Zucchini preservation begins with the preparation of vegetables. They are washed and cut into rings of 0.5 mm. Banks must be sterilized over steam, and the lids are boiled in water for 15 minutes. Black peppercorns (5 pcs.) Are thrown into each of the cans and zucchini are placed to the top. A jar prepared in this way is poured with drinking water at a room temperature in order to determine the exact volume for preparing the marinade.

To create the gravy, pour water into a container of a suitable size and add the ingredients specified in the recipe: salt, vinegar, sugar, chili sauce. Everything is mixed and placed on the stove until the liquid boils. After the solution is boiled for about 4 - 5 minutes, and then the boiling marinade is poured into filled jars and covered with lids.

Marinated zucchini are placed in a container for further sterilization. To prevent the glass from bursting during heating, it is recommended to put a cotton cloth or terry towel on the bottom of the pan, and then fill the pan with hot water and place the filled jars in it.

As the recipes recommend, after the water boils, half-liter jars are sterilized for 10 minutes. If it is necessary to sterilize 1 liter jars, then they should stand in boiling water for about a quarter of an hour.

Then the hot cans of zucchini with chili ketchup are carefully removed from a pot of boiling water (preferably with a special device), turned over and covered with a woolen blanket. The cooled cans are stored in the basement. It is advisable to try marinated zucchini with chili ketchup after 2 - 3 months. During this time, the marinade will completely saturate the zucchini.

Some recipes say that such salads are canned for the winter without sterilization. It is enough to pour a jar of zucchini three times with marinade from a boiling pan, and then roll up hermetically.

Zucchini with Korean seasoning for carrots

For lovers of oriental cuisine, we recommend preserving ketchup zucchini for the winter in Korean.

Required Ingredients:

  • 3 kg of unripe zucchini;
  • 280 ml hot tomato ketchup;
  • regular tomato ketchup - 250 ml;
  • salt - 25 g;
  • 5 g Korean carrot seasoning;
  • 1 incomplete glass of refined sunflower oil
  • sugar - 170 g;
  • 2 small heads of garlic.

Zucchini is cut into large cubes. All the ingredients are mixed in a large container, but the garlic is added later. The zucchini are stewed for about half an hour after the contents of the pan boil. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, grated garlic is added to the container with zucchini.

At the end of boiling, put the salad in jars and sterilize. Then the canned food is closed hermetically with lids and placed under a blanket to cool completely. When the preservation temperature equals the air temperature, the workpiece can be taken away for storage.

Squash salad "Lick your fingers"

Zucchini with chili ketchup for the winter using this cooking method is not flavored with spices. Only the usual ingredients for the marinade can be used. The result is some pretty tasty chili zucchini rings for the winter. Such a blank called "Lick your fingers" will look great even on the table on a holiday.

You will need the following number of ingredients:

  • 3 zucchini or zucchini;
  • 250 g of drinking water;
  • 3 sprigs of parsley;
  • 1/3 cup hot tomato ketchup
  • 2 dessert spoons of sugar;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • 6 - 10 pcs. peas of black pepper;
  • 50 g of wine or table vinegar.

This amount of ingredients is enough to make a 700-gram can of canned zucchini.

Wash the zucchini under running water and cut into rings 1 cm thick. Fill a sterile jar with pepper sprinkled on the bottom with chopped vegetables. It is advisable to stack them tightly to each other.

Only purified drinking water should be used for the marinade. It is advisable to take fluid from a well or well, and not from a tap. The pot is filled with water, ketchup, sugar and salt. Everything is boiled for about 3 minutes. During this time, the salt crystals and sugar should completely dissolve.

This recipe for the winter says that after this time, vinegar is added to the marinade, and the brine is brought to a boil again. After the zucchini are poured with marinade from a boiling pan, and a sprig of parsley is placed on top. The jars are sterilized in boiling water for 8 minutes, then sealed with a sterilized lid. Then the canned zucchini with chili ketchup is covered with a terry towel, and after cooling, the seaming is placed in the pantry for storage.

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