A simple recipe for making white currant jam for the winter Pyatiminutka

A simple recipe for making white currant jam for the winter Pyatiminutka

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As a rule, the harvest of white currant is used for the preparation of berry and fruit compotes. Currant fruits go well with many ingredients: red or black currants, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries and citrus fruits. The recipe for white currant jam for the winter "Pyatiminutka" will allow you to enjoy a delicious and healthy vitamin delicacy on cold days.

Features of instant white currant jam

The technology of quick preparation of white fruit jam does not differ much from the classic recipe. The advantage of the fast method is that, due to the short heat treatment, such a workpiece retains the greatest amount of valuable substances and vitamins.

Since the white currant berries are already full of pectin (the component that is responsible for the thickness), the preparation does not require the addition of gelatin or other gelling product.

To fill the workpiece with new flavors, currants can be combined with other fruits.

Necessary products

To prepare a 3.5-liter vitamin treat, you will need 1 kilogram of white currant and the same amount of granulated sugar. In addition, you will need about 200 milliliters of water to make the sweet syrup. To diversify the taste of a winter delicacy, you can use other additives and spices to taste for cooking: red or black currants, citrus fruits, vanilla sugar, cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, cinnamon.

How do I prepare the ingredients?

Based on personal preferences, the treat is prepared with whole berries or freshly squeezed juice. The seeds will add a bitter flavor to the workpiece, which can be covered with a lot of sugar. So that the main component looks good in a sweet treat and does not lose its integrity, the berries are pre-poured with boiling water. If you are preparing a treat without pits and peels, you will first need to squeeze out the juice using a juicer or wipe the boiled berries through a sieve.

Container preparation

Containers for preservation are prepared in three stages: first of all, the jars are thoroughly washed with a soda solution, and then they are sterilized in any convenient way. The containers are placed in a preheated oven, heated in a microwave oven, double boiler or heated in a water bath. The sterilization time is ten minutes. At the end, the filled containers are pasteurized in a saucepan with boiling water.

The process of making jam "5-minute" for the winter

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the main ingredient: the currants are sorted out, thoroughly washed, dried and the tails are removed. Next, you will need to prepare a sweet syrup: sugar is added to the water and wait for the liquid to boil, and all the grains are completely dissolved.

After that, the prepared berries are added to the syrup and the mass is waiting for the mass to boil. Periodically, the currants need to be stirred and skimmed. Next, the workpiece is allowed to cool and heated again until it boils. The delicacy is tormented for five minutes and poured hot into sterile containers and rolled up. The containers are stored in a room under a blanket for a day, and then removed for further preservation.

How and how much can you store?

A sweet treat of white berries is stored along with other preservation: in a cool and dark place (cellar, basement or pantry). If the containers were prepared according to all the rules and passed the pasteurization process, the workpiece will not deteriorate for several years.

Raw jam that has not gone through the heat treatment process is stored exclusively in the refrigerator.

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