How and from what you can make a do-it-yourself drinker for turkeys, instructions

How and from what you can make a do-it-yourself drinker for turkeys, instructions

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One of the main factors for the full development of poultry is the provision of a sufficient amount of clean water. At the same time, the container should be both convenient and functional, and be freely available. There is a huge range of turkey drinkers on the market, differing in size and material. But, if you wish, you can make them yourself. The main thing is to know what is better to make, in what sequence to act.

Drinking bowl requirements for turkeys

In order for turkey breeding to be as profitable as possible, it is worth taking care not only of a comfortable microclimate for them, but also of equipment. Requirements for drinking bowls:

  • ease of use;
  • should be easy to wash;
  • do not create problems during disinfection;
  • be sufficiently voluminous;
  • do not roll over when used;
  • for poults and adults, there should be different designs.

If you neglect these rules, then the water in the drinkers will spray, pour out onto the floor, creating dampness in the room. And, as a result, there will be a favorable environment for the development of diseases in turkeys.

Types of drinking bowls

Given the variety of factory-made drinkers, it is sometimes very difficult for a beginner poultry breeder to decide on a specific option. Each type has its own pros and cons that should be considered when choosing a suitable tank.


The drinker is a primitive design in the form of a basin, bucket, tray, or any other tank. But it is allowed to use a regular drinker only for an adult herd of turkeys. It must be installed at some distance from the floor, on a hill. Otherwise, the water will quickly become contaminated.

The advantage of conventional designs is budget. This is an affordable drinking bowl. In addition, it is quite voluminous, there is no need for constant monitoring of the water level. Of the minuses, it is worth noting poor stability, it can be easily overturned, because turkeys are quite strong birds. It is impossible to use ordinary reservoirs for the younger generation, they may not get out of there if they accidentally fall.


This type of construction is intended more for the simultaneous thirst quenching of several turkeys. Here there is an opportunity to drink more than a dozen individuals at once.


  • availability;
  • ease of manufacture;
  • functionality.


  • the need to control the volume of water;
  • requires regular fluid renewal.


The design consists of a hose, a water tank and a drinking bowl in the form of a bowl. The hose, as an intermediate link, delivers fluid from a large cylinder to a smaller vessel. The bowls filled with water begin to lower, blocking the valve through which water flows through the hose.

Turkeys empty the containers, making them lighter. Under the action of a spring mounted inside, they rise, opening the valve. And this is how the bowls are filled with water again.


  • there is no need to constantly add water to the container.


  • additional investment of funds is required for the installation of a drinking bowl;
  • arrangement of protection of the container from adult turkeys.

Bell type

Bell-type tanks function in the same way as cup-type ones. When the reservoir is filled with water, it lowers, closing the valve, and vice versa. A distinctive feature is that in this version, the liquid is not distributed among the individual drinkers, but fills only one tray.


  • there is no need for regular monitoring of the water level.


  • high cost of drinking bowls.


Nipple drinkers are installed according to the same principle as cup drinkers. Nipples are mounted along the pipe, under each - a small plastic container, into which excess water flows. Drinking bowls, in order to avoid the development of pathogenic microorganisms, it is recommended to regularly wash and clean.

When the turkey approaches the bowl, it lifts the movable nipple, opening the water supply valve. The jet is small, there is no excess flow, the liquid goes directly into the turkey's mouth. After quenching thirst, the bird leaves, returning the nipple to its original position. In terms of internal structure, nipple drinkers are similar to a sink in the country.


  • no stagnant water;
  • automatic feeding system;
  • dosing.


  • high cost.


The design is made in the form of a container installed on a tray. It is from him that turkeys will quench their thirst. The reservoir is filled with water from above. There is an opening at the bottom for feeding the liquid into the drinking bowl. Thanks to the vacuum, water does not come out of the sides The container is filled as needed.


  • variety of varieties (on legs, floor type, hanging);
  • there is no need for constant monitoring of the water level.


  • poor stability;
  • connection to the water supply (but you can top up from a bucket).

What tools and materials will be needed

To make your own drinking bowls for turkeys, you do not need expensive materials and tools. Anyone can make equipment convenient for birds using available means. For work you will need:

  • a fragment of a plastic pipe (length - 1 m);
  • stubs;
  • legs made of wood;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • Bulgarian;
  • electric drill.

DIY instructions

You can make a structure for turkeys with your own hands in just 1.5-2 hours. The number of chutes will depend on the livestock you plan to keep. A homemade design is made taking into account the following steps:

  • Prepare a 100 cm long sewer pipe.

  • Using a grinder, cut holes, focusing on the size of the turkeys' heads.

  • Plug the workpiece on both sides.

  • Make props out of wood.

The simplest and most affordable equipment for turkeys is plastic bottles.

Installation rules

To increase the stability of the drinkers, there is no need to come up with complex technological solutions. For adult turkeys, structures with water are mounted to a vertical support, maintaining a distance of 40-50 cm from the floor.For small turkeys, 20-30 cm is enough.

Drinking bowls for turkeys are simple equipment, but require proper selection and installation. The main thing is that the poultry does not feel discomfort in quenching their thirst.

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