Is it possible to plant cucumbers on Trinity, and what date should this be done according to the national calendar

Is it possible to plant cucumbers on Trinity, and what date should this be done according to the national calendar

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Some summer residents still have a tradition of planting crops according to the folk calendar. Can you plant cucumbers after Trinity? This question is of interest to many gardeners who are going to grow cucumbers in 2021.

When to plant cucumbers according to the national calendar

Sowing of cucumbers begins in May. Some people prefer to plant seedlings in their beds as soon as the weather is warm. And many choose the date of disembarkation based on the national calendar.

When can you plant cucumber seedlings in the open ground according to the national calendar:

  • May 19

Job is considered the very first auspicious day to plant cucumbers. According to legends, it was believed that if the night is warm on Job, there will be a rich harvest of cucumbers all summer. On this day, germinated seeds could be sown directly into the beds. But at night they must be covered with a warm cloth. The planted seeds should be watered with water from the pond.

  • May 27

Another "cucumber" day when you can plant cucumbers is Isidor (Sidor). It was believed that if May 27 is clear all day, then you can expect a good harvest of cucumbers. And if the morning turned out to be cold and cloudy, and by noon the sun came out, then at first the harvest will be poor, and then the cucumbers will begin to grow by leaps and bounds.

  • May 28

One of the most favorable days for planting cucumbers in the ground with seeds is Pakhomov day. This day is also called "Martha the Borage". Flax and cucumbers were always sown on Pakhom. It was also considered the last day of wheat sowing. Still, it is worth focusing on climatic conditions in 2021 so as not to spoil the seedlings and future harvest.

  • June 1st

On June 1, according to the national calendar, the day of Falalei-borage is celebrated. If you sow seedlings later than this period, then you may not have time, and the formation of fruits will take place in August, when the cold snap begins. Many people say that if there were heavy rains in the first two days of June, then the rest of the month will be dry. On the day when Falaley-borage came, attention should be paid to spruce cones. If there are many of them, then there will be a lot of cucumbers.

  • June 5th

After the 5th, the planting season for cucumber seedlings is considered closed. But, if the planting of cucumbers in the ground fell on Leonty, they will be the most delicious. During canning, they retain all their taste and aroma. On this day, you need to monitor the gadflies. If there are a lot of them flying, then there will be enough zelents in the garden.

Also, according to folk signs, it is believed: in order to prevent the evil eye, you need to plant seedlings secretly from everyone. Otherwise, there will be a lot of barren flowers on the bushes, and the ovaries will begin to dry out.

  • 17 august

Folk omens indicate that the time for planting cucumbers ends on Evdokia. The nights are getting colder and it's harvest time. From this day you can prepare for the new summer cottage season.

Now we can say that planting seeds according to the folk calendar is just superstition. Of course, it is better to be guided by forecasts of weather forecasters and plant seedlings when warm weather is expected, and the seedlings are not threatened with frost.

Do not count how many days are left until the next holiday. Cucumbers should be planted on the first warm day of May or June.

Is it possible to plant cucumbers on Trinity

There is an opinion among believers that it is no longer possible to plant cucumbers in Trinity and after it. If you plant them in the ground with seeds, then the harvest will be poor, and the planted plants that day will wither or grow frail and sick.

For non-religious people, this question seems absurd, because if you count how many days must pass before planting seedlings, without paying attention to the weather, you can only ruin the harvest. Many people cannot adjust to religious holidays because of work and plant seedlings when they have free time.

In addition, there are crops that need to be planted in open ground in June or July in 2021.

But sometimes Easter falls at the beginning of April, and Trinity at the end of May. In most regions, this period is still too cold for planting cucumbers. You don't even have to talk about northern cities, at this time you don't even have to think about growing vegetables.

Where did the belief that cucumbers cannot be planted on Trinity? This is due to the holiday of the Spirits Day, which is celebrated immediately after Trinity. In the past, people believed that it was on this day that the land-nurse appeared, therefore it was considered a great sin to plant, dig or loosen the soil on this day. Those days are long gone, but the opinion that it is impossible to plant agricultural crops after Trinity lives among the population.

According to another version, it is impossible to plant cucumbers and other crops during the day after Trinity because of the pagan spirit of the Basilisk. According to the popular calendar, his day falls on June 4. They called this demon the king of snakes. On this day, it was not customary to do any work, because the Basilisk would spoil all the work anyway.

What is the date to plant cucumbers? Dates depend on weather conditions. Sometimes you have to plant seedlings even in July. Sow vegetables when convenient, based only on the weather. You can grow a good harvest even if you plant seedlings after Trinity in 2021.

How to plant cucumbers correctly

Everything is clear with the timing of planting seedlings, now you need to figure out how to do it correctly. How does an experienced summer resident sow cucumbers?

Planting cucumbers is a crucial moment on which the future of the entire crop depends. You can prepare for it in the fall, after the last harvest has been harvested. First of all, you need to dig up the soil. This is to protect against insects, which prefer to winter in the soil, and lay larvae in seedlings in the spring.

Then you can add manure or compost to the dug soil. Next year, the soil will be saturated with useful microelements that are needed for active growth and formation of ovaries.

In the spring, special attention should be paid to seed preparation. They can be disinfected and germinated before planting. This will significantly increase the germination rate of the planting material.

We sow as follows:

  • after the seeds have been germinated, they can be planted for seedlings;
  • for planting, you can buy a ready-made soil mixture or prepare it yourself. This will require soil, peat and compost. Mix everything and pour into containers for planting;

  • plant seeds. Sprouts should appear in a few days;
  • after the first pair of full-fledged leaves, the seedlings are planted in a permanent place;
  • after planting, the seedlings are watered with warm water and covered overnight. This will save them from frost, which occurs at the end of May.

After planting, cucumbers need to be watered regularly (water for irrigation should not be cold), fertilize, monitor the health of the bushes and loosen the soil. With proper care, you can get a good harvest, even if you plant seedlings after Trinity.

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