Cultivation and description of the variety of cucumber Chinese snake

Cultivation and description of the variety of cucumber Chinese snake

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For every gardener, summer is the first fragrant crispy cucumber, which is eagerly awaited every day, looking under the density of green vines. Nowadays, the assortment of this wonderful vegetable is very large, but I would like to describe a unique variety - the Chinese Snake cucumber, which has conquered many hearts.

Characteristics of the variety

The vegetable culture belongs to the pumpkin family. It has existed on the Russian market for about 10 years. Unpretentiousness and excellent taste have gained popularity among many summer residents. The description of the variety begins with its name, which comes from the long, wriggling fruit.

Early ripening culture - removal of the first fruits in 25-30 days from seed germination.

A high stem up to 3.5 m long with a minimum number of side shoots allows the variety to be planted more often than other species. For a climbing plant, a high trellis is needed, otherwise the fruits will be inconspicuous without support. This contributes to the correct formation of the stem and the possibility of airing the bush. It is done regardless of the cultivation conditions: garden beds or a greenhouse. Outdoor cultivation bears fruit until mid-fall, even at night temperatures above 6 ° C.

Adapted to growth in a lighted and shady area, unpretentious to temperature changes. It grows rapidly every day, having a thin elastic skin with large tubercles, dense and juicy flesh without voids. Zelens, exotic in shape, reach a length of 40 to 85 cm. Small seeds are located in a compact seed coat. The sweet taste of the fruit without the presence of bitterness is accompanied by a delicate aroma.

Harvested at the wrong time is characterized by the appearance of real snakes, reaching up to 90 cm in length. One cucumber completely fills the salad bowl. They are used not only fresh, they can be used to prepare winter preparations - pickling and salads. It tastes like pickled gherkin.

Growing and care conditions

Cultivation is carried out in seedlings. At the end of April, the seeds are sown for seedlings in a planting container in the form of cups in pre-prepared soil or purchased universal soil, to a depth of 2 cm. Watering is carried out and left under the film in a warm, illuminated place with periodic removal and ventilation. When shoots appear, the cover is removed and is not used in the future.

For cucumbers to give a good harvest, it is necessary to grow full-fledged healthy seedlings. A hardening procedure is applied with a decrease in the temperature regime in the room. A month later, around the end of May, young seedlings are transplanted into a heated greenhouse. By the beginning of June - to a permanent place in the ground. When planting seeds directly into the soil, to obtain the fastest germination, they are first soaked.

Grown both in the greenhouse and in the open way in the garden.

Given the peculiarities of a tall single-stemmed bush and the presence of short, few lateral shoots, they are planted denser than ordinary species. When planting seedlings and seeds, the optimal distance should be maintained - 50 × 100 cm. Planting is carried out in moist soil with preliminary introduction of humus. The size of the holes is related to the strength of the roots. To retain moisture and reduce weeds, the soil around the seedlings is mulched with sawdust or straw.

It responds well to fertilizing with fertilizers with combined irrigation, nutrients in this way quickly get to the roots. During the growing season, cow dung and urea solution are applied several times with alternation. The love for daily abundant watering is expressed by the fear of dry soil, which can lead to a loss of taste of the fruit with the appearance of bitterness. Weeding the beds during the season is a must.

Blackened leaves from sunlight must be cut in the morning.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all other species, Chinese snake cucumbers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Providing plants with a comfortable growth, you can achieve quality benefits:

  1. Superranny - 35-37 days from germination to harvest.
  2. Excellent gustatory characteristics - pronounced sweetish taste without bitterness.
  3. The predominance of female flowering with numerous fruit setting.
  4. Long-term fruiting throughout the season, up to the first frost.
  5. Unique yield - from 1 bush - up to 30 kg.
  6. Stable resistance to adverse weather - extreme heat and low temperatures, as well as diseases and pests.
  7. Minimal care and unpretentious cultivation.
  8. According to the planting area, 3 plants replace 1 ordinary one.
  9. Suitable for preservation and pickling.
  10. High level of presentation.
  11. Shade tolerance.
  12. Grows well outdoors at temperatures ranging from 30 to 35 ° C.

The large presence of advantages clearly outweighs the disadvantages:

  1. Cultivation by the seed method is not recommended due to the unfriendly germination of seeds.
  2. Not intended for long-term storage - they quickly fade and lose quality.
  3. Not suitable for salting.


Of the numerous reviews about the Chinese snake cucumber, I would like to give the most reasonable review.

“When I decided to raise a Chinese snake, my acquaintances took this hobby as strange. How many varieties I tried, none of them brought me as much satisfaction from the result as this one. The amazing features of the vegetable amazed me from the moment when I saw a broken piece of one long fruit on a bush. And what was my surprise when, after a while, I discovered that the place of the breakage was delayed, and the cucumber itself actually grew in length. Joy knew no bounds, after this incident my cucumbers grow every year and bring benefits, and therefore I have been growing them for a long time.

Since then, I often cut a piece to make a quick salad. I want to tell you how I grow this miracle. First, I prepare the grooved bed, about 2 weeks before planting. I pour fresh manure, straw and humus into them. I water abundantly every day, right up to planting.

On the last day, I scatter the ground egg shells and mix well with the ground with a pitchfork. I drive in the pegs to send the plants along the trellis and stretch the strings. I plant the seedlings every 20 cm and immediately cover it with a film. I make air baths - airing. When I see the first antennae on the trellis, I completely remove the film and do the first feeding with bread infusion: dry crusts with warm water.

And now my cucumbers are completely set into rapid growth, which I carefully help by cutting off the side shoots and leaves. I water it under the root with warm water, try not to get on the leaves. My zelents are obtained with a growth of up to half a meter and bear fruit until the end of September. I would be very glad if I helped with my advice, I wish everyone an excellent harvest! " Marina Ivashova, 52 years old.

Chinese vegetable is rightfully popular and in demand. Having planted this variety on the site, it is impossible to part with it in the future. Taking proper care of your plants will help you achieve delicious, unusual cucumbers.

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