Characteristics and description of the Moscow early ripening tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Moscow early ripening tomato variety, its yield

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Moscow early ripening tomato belongs to the category of ultra-early varieties suitable for universal use. It is a godsend for gardeners living in regions of unsustainable and risky farming.

Variety characteristic

The variety belongs to the category of determinant, early maturing. The bush is compact in size. The height is small. In open farming conditions, it is no more than 50 centimeters. The foliage volume is average. The inflorescences are characterized by simplicity and compactness. They are laid on the main trunk after 5-6 leaves, on stepchildren after 1-2.

The variety is distinguished by a stable high yield. Fruits ripen 90-100 days after germination. The shape of the tomatoes is round. The peel on tomatoes is dense, smooth. At the stage of technical maturity, the fruits are scarlet. There are no spots in the area of ​​the peduncle. The taste is excellent. The average weight of one tomato is 150-200 grams. Up to 2 kg of yield is obtained from one bush. Tomatoes endure transportation.

Given the description of the variety and its features, tomatoes are used fresh, sliced, and various preserves. Tomatoes show excellent pickling qualities. The characteristic of the variety indicates its resistance to diseases and pests.

Features of agricultural technology

Moscow early ripening tomatoes are bred using the seedling method. Sowing seeds is carried out at least 55-60 days before planting in the ground. For cultivation in open bed conditions, the sowing period is mid-end of March, for greenhouses - the end of April.

Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in a manganese solution. The material is laid in individual containers according to the scheme: 3 seeds per 1 cm. For seedlings, a universal soil for tomatoes is used. The plantings are covered with foil and kept at a temperature of 20-25 degrees until the first shoots appear. After that, the film is removed. Plants are watered by spraying.

The pick is made 2 weeks after germination, when the seedlings have 2 adult leaves.

Planting is carried out into open ground after the last frost, at the end of May. Planting in film greenhouses is carried out in the first half of May. Planting holes are dug at a distance of 30 centimeters. A distance of 40 centimeters is maintained between the rows. They try to place no more than 6 bushes per 1 square meter.

Growing tomatoes is not difficult.

  1. Watering. The variety is moisture-loving. Watering is carried out at the root of the plant, with warm, settled water.
  2. Loosening. The soil requires regular loosening. It is necessary to remove the earth crust and improve the oxygen supply to the roots.
  3. Weeding. Timely removal of weeds allows you to avoid acidification of the soil and the development of diseases of the bushes.
  4. Stepson and garter. The bushes are compact in size and do not require pinching. The fruits are small, the bunches are not heavy, the garter is not required even during the ripening period.
  5. Top dressing and pest control. Plant feeding is carried out with complex mineral fertilizers 2-3 times per season. Additional soil enrichment is required during the period of ovary and fruit ripening.

Reviews and recommendations of gardeners

Reviews of gardeners allowed us to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the variety.

The advantages of the Moscow early ripening include:

  • high resistance to diseases and pests;
  • not prone to cracking;
  • attractive presentation and good transportability;
  • high productivity;
  • amicable ripening of fruits;
  • minimum ripening times;
  • excellent taste.

Those gardeners who planted tomatoes could not highlight obvious shortcomings. The variety showed not only high productivity and good taste, but also proved to be resistant to temperature extremes. It is distinguished by a friendly yield and resistance to late blight, which is especially important during night frosts. The variety is suitable for northern regions and territories with variable climates. Every hostess who has planted Moscow early ripening at least once returns to them again.

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