TOP 4 simple recipes for making apple and banana jam for the winter

TOP 4 simple recipes for making apple and banana jam for the winter

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Jam is loved by sweets of all ages. The classic options are no longer so relevant. The hostesses try to try something new and different. One of the fresh ideas was banana and apple jam. Despite the originality of the exotic, the delicacy is not inferior to traditional recipes, and its attractive appearance is suitable for decorating a festive table.

Features of making apple jam with bananas for the winter

Jam preparation has some peculiarities due to the variety of apple varieties. Depending on the selected fruit option, the amount of sugar used is regulated. Moreover, in order to achieve certain flavor variations, the quality of both ingredients is important.

Preparation of containers and main ingredients

For making jam, it is recommended to give preference to sour and sweet and sour varieties. This is due to the fact that bananas are sweet, and when sugar is added, the dish turns out to be sugary. If the bananas aren't sweet, you need more sugar. Therefore, it is better to give preference to ripe fruits that crumple easily.

Before placing the jam in the jar, it should be thoroughly washed and dried. And sterilization is suitable as a pre-treatment.

For this, the effect of a water bath is created, and the jars are boiled upside down. The lids used for conservation should also be doused with steam. Thus, conditions are provided for long-term storage of delicacies.

How to make apple banana jam at home?

Don't limit yourself to the standard apple and banana mix. You can diversify the flavors by adding fruits such as kiwi, lemons, oranges.

A simple recipe

The most successful is the method of making jam in 3 steps. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. The apples are washed and diced.
  2. Then the fruits are placed in a saucepan, filled with water. Then the container is put on fire, and the liquid is brought to a boil. Cooking continues until the fruit softens.
  3. At this time, the bananas are cut and sent to the apples.
  4. Sugar is added to the fruit mixture, after which it is cooked for several minutes until the sugar dissolves.
  5. Boiled fruits are crushed in a blender to a mushy state.
  6. The banana and applesauce is simmered for 20 minutes.

Ready jam is laid out in jars and rolled up. The jam is then placed in the pantry for storage.

Lemon option

For apple, banana and lemon jam, prepare the ingredients: wash, peel and cut into large slices. The resulting pieces must be covered with sugar and allowed to stand until the juice appears. This may take several hours.

Important! Lemon can be used not only as a main ingredient, but also as a juice added to puree.

The prepared mixture is placed on a small fire. Cook the mixture over low heat, stirring constantly for half an hour. It is important that the jam does not burn. The finished liquid is poured into liter cans and sealed.

With cinnamon and vanilla

For those who love an abundance of spices, the recipe for cinnamon and vanilla jam is suitable. This dish has a delicate sweetish taste. The cooking process for such preservation is as follows:

  1. Apples are washed, chopped and boiled for 5 minutes.
  2. Bananas are moistened with lemon juice to prevent browning. Then they are kneaded to a puree state.
  3. Banana puree is combined with apples and cooked over low heat until thickened.

Important! You can determine the readiness by a drop of liquid: if it does not spread, it's time to put it in the banks.

At the end of cooking, add cinnamon and vanillin to the jam. The finished puree is laid out in containers and closed with a key.

With kiwi

Apple and banana jam with kiwi is prepared in three steps. Prepared fruits are covered with sugar, mixed and filled with water. They are put on fire and boiled for 5 minutes in the boil mode. After that, the workpiece is left for 3 hours. Then it is boiled again and left again.

Boil the jam three times during the day. Due to this method of cooking, a beautiful translucent puree is obtained.

At the last boil, lemon juice is added to the mixture. After that, the finished jam is placed in jars and corked. Then they are put away for storage in the selected room.

How to store a treat?

The jam is stored at room temperature. If it's too hot at home, you can move the treat to the refrigerator or basement. However, you should not place preservation in too humid rooms, in order to avoid damage to the covers. Over time, the lids deteriorate, and then the jam.

A ready-made canned dish can be consumed at any time of the year, for several years.

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