Cucumber "Emerald Stream f1": features of the variety

Cucumber "Emerald Stream f1": features of the variety

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Cucumber "Emerald Stream f1" fully justifies its name and is characterized by relatively abundant fruiting for a long time. This variety of cucumbers is parthenocarpic hybrid, which shows good productivity in open and protected ground. The variety is early ripe and forms a crop for about 44-48 days.

Grade description

The cucumber of the hybrid form "Emerald Stream f1" is very attractive. His description as well The main characteristics of the variety are interesting for gardeners in most regions:

  • medium-sized bushes;
  • leaves are relatively large;
  • moderate climbing
  • ovary bundle type;
  • lateral shoots are characterized by good regrowth;
  • Zelentsy 15-20 cm long, cylindrical, weighing 155-210 g, with a tuberous surface and crispy flesh without bitterness. Some specimens can reach a length of 50 cm!

The plant is relatively unpretentious, and Zelentsy have a very attractive appearance and excellent taste.

Cucumber "Emerald Stream f1": variety description

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the Emerald Stream f1 is its high yield, which is complemented by the following characteristics:

  • bee pollinated hybrid;
  • early ripe variety with friendly fruit formation;
  • taste and commercial qualities are high;
  • very pronounced cucumber flavor;
  • cold resistance and shade tolerance;
  • long and continuous period of formation of greenhouses;
  • resistance to cladosporiosis, powdery mildew and various diseases.

Thin elongated fruits have a sweetish taste and delicate thin skin. With the right choice of a plot for growing, as well as subject to agricultural technology, the minimum total yield is approximately 6 kg / m².

Landing rules

The cucumber of the "Emerald stream f1" is preferably grown in seedlings, but in the southern regions it is allowed to carry out direct sowing of seed material in ridges of open ground. Under cucumbers in the open ground, you should select areas with fertile, light in mechanical composition and loose soils, and cultivation on acidic, heavy and waterlogged soils is contraindicated.

Nitrogen, phosphoric and potassium fertilizers should be introduced into the poor soil for nutrients for sowing seeds or planting cucumber seedlings. The soil for growing seedlings is recommended to be purchased in a store or prepared independently using humus, turf land, sand and wood ash in a ratio of 1: 3: 1: 1, respectively.

Sowing seeds of cucumbers is possible only after the threat of frost has passed, and the soil on the ridges warms up to 10-12 ° C according to a 50x30 cm pattern with a depth of planting material of about 3-4 cm. The average daily temperature for the development of cucumber should be at least 15⁰С.

Growing recommendations

To obtain the highest quality and highest yield, cucumbers must be fed throughout the growing season, while preference should be given to overcooked manure and humus mixtures.

Watering is recommended in the evening using warm water. Do not allow water to enter the aerial part of the plant, as well as blurring it with a strong stream of soil above the root system. After each irrigation or rain, it is advisable to conduct surface loosening of the soil. Cucumber ridges should be clean of weeds, so weeding should be given considerable attention.

Gardeners should take into account that this variety of cucumbers forms quite a few lateral shoots, but the implementation of the correct formation of the bush contributes to an increase in their number, which has a beneficial effect on yield and duration of fruiting.

Grade Reviews

Description of many advantages of cucumber varieties "Emerald Stream f1" made it quite popular among many gardeners. The presence of a vegetable culture of this variety in the garden or infield allows summer residents to use fresh and environmentally friendly vegetable products from spring until late autumn. This variety has a salad purpose and has a thin skin, juicy and tasty pulp, as well as a pronounced cucumber aroma.

Judging by the reviews, the early ripening weakly-climbing variety compares favorably with one hundred percent germination of seeds, from which powerful and strong plants are formed. The gardeners, who have been growing cucumbers "Emerald Stream f1" for several years, note that there are no problems with the care, and the plants themselves have excellent shade tolerance.

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