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Potato "Colette": a universal variety that gives two crops per season

Potato "Colette": a universal variety that gives two crops per season

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Early ripe, suitable for processing on chips potato "Colette" is able to form two crops in one season, which makes it very popular and in demand among Russian gardeners. Originator: Europlant Pflanzenzucht GMBH.

The Colette potato variety was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2007 and is recommended for cultivation in the Central Federal District, as well as in the North Caucasus region.

Grade description

Bushes of potato "Colette" semi-erect, medium height. The leaves are green, medium in size, with a slight wavy edge. The flower corolla can be either medium-sized or rather large. Mostly reddish-violet color is observed. Inflorescences are medium in size.

The tubers are elongated or oval, covered with a smooth yellow peel. The average weight of one tuber does not exceed 120-123 g, the eyes are not deep, small in size. The pulp in the section is light yellow, contains 12.2-15.2% starch. The tuber stock is high, it is 76-98% - at the level of accepted standards. Indicators of keeping quality are excellent, not lower than 92%.

Main characteristics

Potato Colette, or Colette, has a very good immunity to pathogens of potato cancer and is not affected by the golden potato cyst nematode. According to the All-Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology, this variety is susceptible to late blight of potato tops and root crops, to isolates that have been isolated in the Moscow Region and Sakhalin, which suggests effective treatments.

The variety is among the early ripening, and the period from the appearance of mass seedlings to the state of technical maturity of tubers averages about 70-75 days. Subject to agricultural technology, the average yield can vary from 160 to 290 kg / ha. Productivity in a month and a half after full germination in the phase of the first digging reaches 113-153 kg / ha.

Potato varieties

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato "Colette" has many advantages, which are due to the following characteristics:

  • high level of rooting and good germination;
  • the main value of the variety is the friendly return of early high-quality vegetable products;
  • good keeping of tubers;
  • transportability with low damage due to mechanical factors;
  • resistance to defeat by a nematode;
  • smoothness of potato tubers and suitability of potatoes for the main directions in processing.

Dates and rules of landing

The timing of planting potatoes "Colette" in the regions vary significantly. Choosing the time for this agricultural event, it is important to remember that not only very early, but too late planting of seed material can lead to a significant decrease in productivity. In any case, regardless of the climatic zone, the planting period of Colette potatoes is determined both by temperature and soil moisture indicators.

  1. Seed potato "Colette" has a compliance with GOST R 53136-2008. According to the originator, it is recommended to heat the seed, as well as the germination of tubers before planting.
  2. Potatoes of this variety are planted most often in rows with a row spacing of 0.75 m, and between adjacent plants in each row is 28-30 cm.
  3. Primary processing of Colette seed potatoes is considered as a growth-stimulating measure, as well as an action aimed at protecting planting material from most diseases. For this purpose, it is allowed to use copper sulfate, potassium permanganate, wood ash and spraying tubers with Prestige, a combination of Prestige with Maxim, as well as with Cruiser, Force, TMTD and Albit.
  4. Soil cultivation in the area designated for planting, along with the processing of planting material itself in the form of potato tubers, may also include nutritious spraying. Positive results when growing potato varieties "Colette" are provided with the use of nutrient solutions such as "Nitrofoska" and "Solution". Processing of seed material with this composition should be carried out three times with an interval of ten days.

Potato care

Potato varieties "Colette" is very profitable in growing due to good productivity and high commodity rates. However, during cultivation, it should be remembered that this variety is very picky about the soil and needs moisture, especially during the budding and flowering phases. It is also advisable to carry out abundant watering of plantings in dry periods.

Weeding and loosening of the soil to a depth of 2-3 cm are of no small importance. Even before the appearance of the first shoots, it is advisable to loosen the area and remove all germinating weeds. Loosening should be extremely careful, excluding any possibility of breaking off the sprouts or exposing potato tubers.

In the process of care should pay attention to the hilling. Such an event provides an excellent opportunity to increase the level of tuberization and the area of ​​plant nutrition. Hilling directly after germination helps protect young plants from the effects of low temperatures.

A major role in the formation and growth of potato tubers is played by top dressing, carried out throughout the growing season:

  • the first feeding is carried out if there is a weak development of potato bushes, which is accompanied by the formation of thin stems and blanching of potato tops. In this case, it is recommended to use a solution prepared from 1 tsp diluted in 10 l of water. urea and 1 tbsp. l fertilizers for vegetable crops "Effekton";
  • at the budding stage, top dressing with wood ash and potassium sulfate;
  • the third feeding is carried out in the flowering phase. It is carried out by the introduction of "Effekton" and superphosphate.

If the first signs of damage to potatoes by diseases or pests are detected, the plants should be treated with potent and very effective agents such as "Albit", "Poliram", "Kurzat", "Hom" and The Ordan. A good result is given by spraying during the growing season with Kuproksat with a flow rate of 400 l / ha.

It is possible to harvest the Colette potatoes both manually and with the use of mechanization, which greatly facilitates and accelerates this time-consuming process. Drying potato tops are the main indicator of the onset of physiological maturity of tubers. Digging is recommended to be carried out in dry and sunny weather, which makes it possible to qualitatively dry the tubers before laying them for storage.

How to plant potatoes without a shovel

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Grade Reviews

Potato "Colette" is often grown using the seedling method and using seed material from the manufacturing company "FLOS", as well as from the Tula producer LLC "Maxim Gorky". Colette, according to vegetable growers, is characterized as one of the unpretentious varieties of early-yielding potatoes with long shelf life and resistance to major diseases.

Potato tubers are large, in the bush are quite heaped, and digging is a pleasure. The minimum percentage of starchiness, which for this variety does not exceed 15%, does not allow the potato pulp to be greatly digested. And regular and plentiful watering, to which this variety is very susceptible, accompanies a consistently high and good yield.