Potato "Wizard": description and requirements for growing

Potato "Wizard": description and requirements for growing

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Table use potato "Wizard", according to Gossort, classified as mid-early varieties. Characteristics and description of BelSortOvoshchev variety include Potato "Sorcerer" to late ripening. This variety was added to the State Register in 2000.

The originators of this variety are the Leningrad Research Institute of Agriculture Belogorka and the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics. Potato "Sorcerer" is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation as a variety intended for cultivation in the Northern and Middle Volga regions.

Grade description

The "Wizard" forms medium bushes. The stem part is erect. Milky white flower corollas are medium in size. The foliage on the tops of medium size, light green in color, the leaves practically do not have a pronounced wavy edge.

The root crops are oval in shape, covered with a smooth yellow peel and have very small, unpainted eyes. The pulp in the section is white, relatively dense in consistency, with a starch content of 12.4-15.0%. The average mass of marketable root tubers can vary from 73 to 116 g.

The period from full germination to the state of technical maturity of the root tubers takes about 80-90 days, but can vary depending on the climate in the cultivation region, as well as weather conditions. Marketability from 84 to 97%. Keeping quality not lower than 96%. Total yield can vary from 174 to 352 kg / ha.

About the merits of the variety

"Wizard" is a very popular and sought-after potato variety. It is characterized by good taste indicators, as well as a high level of keeping quality and marketability of root crops. In addition to excellent taste, The variety is valued for its sufficient resistance to adverse factors during cultivation, as well as diseases and pests.

The variety has immunity to the pathogen of potato cancer and moderate resistance to late blight. However, there is a susceptibility of the Wizard potato to defeat such a dangerous pest as a golden potato nematode.

What kind of potato to choose

Landing rules

Potato varieties "Sorcerer" is not too picky about the composition of the soil. The variety is optimal for cultivation on any type of soil. It is not afraid of breaking off sprouts, and tuberization of tubers is not observed. Planting is carried out in advance by seedlings grown, planted, planted and treated with fungicides and stimulants.

In order to get tubers of high quality germinated, with strong shoots, planting material should be placed in a warm and bright room a month before planting. Pre-planting treatment of seed tubers from late blight and rhizoctonia is carried out by the effective remedy Fitosporin-M or Alirin-B. To enhance growth processes, accelerate ripening and increase productivity, it is recommended to preplant the seed potatoes "Mival", which is diluted with water at the rate of 1 g / 0.1 l of liquid.

Landing is carried out in the earth warmed up to 8-10 ° C, loose and fertilized, in an ordinary way. The distance between the rows should be at least 65-75 cm. The standard planting scheme for potatoes of this variety is 60 x 35 cm with a seed depth of approximately 8-10 cm. The distance between the potato bushes in the same row should be at least 35 cm. It is advisable to carry out local fertilization in the planting holes or trenches.

Care Features

Potato "Wizard" is characterized by absolute unpretentiousness. This variety does not need special care, it is only enough to periodically loosen the soil and systematically remove weeds. If potatoes are planted with germinated seed tubers, then the first seedlings appear after 12-15 days, and if non-germinated tubers are used, then seedlings can be expected on the 18-24th day.

Weeding of weeds and loosening of row-spacing must be carried out even before emergence, especially if potatoes are cultivated on heavy soil. A mandatory method of caring for potatoes of this variety is the earthing up of potato tops. If loosening and hilling measures were carried out inopportune, then potato tubers form on the surface of the soil and turn green. Such tubers, formed by healthy and productive plants, are recommended to be left on the seeds.

First feeding potatoes are carried out with nitrogen-containing fertilizers: by adding 25 g of ammonium sulfate or 12 g of urea for each square meter of plantings. Such top dressing should be carried out simultaneously with the first hilling of the tops. For the second top dressing potash fertilizers are used in the form of 20 g of potassium sulfate or 60 g of potassium magnesia per square meter of landings. This type of top dressing is carried out at the budding stage, but before the tops are closed.

Processing of tops in the period of full sprouting and budding or the beginning of flowering with the help of "Immunocytophyte" helps to improve growth and formative processes. In addition, an increase in resistance to various diseases and adverse environmental factors was noted. Timely processing increases the yield, increases the yield of commodity root crops and improves the quality characteristics of the crop.

The greatest increase in root crops is observed during the period from mass flowering to the stage of drying of the lower foliage of potato tops. Exactly because of this reason potato harvesting should be carried out after the death of the tops, when the growth of root crops is minimal. If the root crops are in the soil for a long time, then weight loss can be observed and the storage performance of the crop decreases.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rules for irrigation of potatoes, which were described in one of our previous publications.

Reviews gardeners

It is generally accepted that the Wizard potato has excellent taste characteristics, the tubers are light cream flesh and have a sweet, very pleasant taste. After cutting, the potato flesh does not darken in water and does not give a dark decoction during cooking. Potatoes of this variety are prepared quickly enough, and during cooking the flesh becomes moderately friable.

Producers noted rather high indicators of resistance of the Charodey variety to late blight, which is very important when cultivating potatoes in many regions with adverse weather conditions and climatic indicators. Minimum care for this vegetable crop is required, so even a novice grower can grow a very good crop.

Potato: planting and care

According to agronomists and reviews of experienced potato growers, spraying in the phase of closing the tops in rows and 10-12 days after the previous treatment of tops with the Agat-25K preparation is necessary for the potato of the Charodey variety to increase field germination, overall yield, yield of marketable tubers and stability to diseases. Harvested is very well stored and suitable for long transportation.


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