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Popular Russian strawberry variety "Chosen One"

Popular Russian strawberry variety "Chosen One"

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Strawberry "Chosen One" refers to varieties of Russian selection of medium or medium late ripening. This variety was developed by specialists of the All-Russian Research Institute of Horticulture named after I.V. Michurin back in 1968-1975 by crossing well-known varieties of garden strawberries "Festivalnaya" and "Zenga-Zengana".

The universal variety is high-yielding, unpretentious, resistant to drought and low temperature indicators. Its author is K. T. Yarkova. Strawberry variety "Chosen One" is recommended for cultivation in the middle zone of fruit growing.

Grade characteristics

Strawberry bushes “The Chosen One” are medium-sized, half-raised, quite compact and well leafy. The number of outlets on the bush is average. Peduncles are not too long, with dense pubescence, are located on the same level with the leaves or slightly below them. Inflorescences are semi-dispersed. They can be both low-flowered, and with an average number of flowers. Flowers of bisexual type, self-fertile, blooming almost simultaneously.

The peduncle is relatively thick, long, with a slight pubescence. Berries are formed in large sizes, weighing from 15 to 30 g and have a conical shape with a pronounced neck. The skin is crimson, with a characteristic pronounced shine. Achenes are numerous, painted in a yellowish or crimson color, relatively strongly pressed into the berry flesh. Strawberry pulp is dense, juicy. Taste good. The taste is sour-sweet, with a bright aroma.

High technological parameters and quality characteristics of the berry make this variety suitable for freezing and any kind of processing. The variety description assumes sufficient resistance to diseases and pests, as well as a lack of tendency to heat up, get wet and freeze out. The variety is drought tolerant and productive.

Strawberry: varieties, planting dates

Landing requirements

The strawberry variety, or garden strawberry, “Chosen One” can be planted not only in spring but also in autumn (the optimal planting time for strawberry seedlings is from mid-August to mid-September, later planting is very risky and may cause damage to fragile plants early autumn frosts). To get high yields as soon as possible, you must know and follow the rules for planting this berry culture:

  • sod-podzolic, light loamy, and loamy soils are most suitable for growing wild strawberries;
  • garden strawberries need soil on the site of slightly acidic or close to neutral reaction;
  • the site should be completely cleared of weeds and dug to a depth of about 25-30 cm;
  • in order to increase fertility, 5-6 kg of manure, humus or high-quality humus must be added to each square meter of planted area;
  • this variety can be planted two-line or one-line, observing the distance between plants 20-25 cm, and the gaps between the rows should be about 70 cm;
  • to reduce the cost of basic care measures, the soil is covered with black garden wrap or a mulching layer;
  • it is best to plant garden strawberries on a cloudy day or in the evening.

After planting, the strawberry outlet must be easily poured with warm water from a watering can by sprinkling. In sunny weather, during the first week, it is recommended to shade the planted plants.

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Care Features

Strawberry variety "Chosen One" has been used by gardeners for a long time for planting in garden plots, therefore Great experience has been gained on its cultivation in the conditions of home gardening:

  • as soon as the soil dries well enough after the snow melts, it is necessary to carefully loosen the soil in the aisles, as well as in the rows themselves around the strawberry bushes;
  • in dry and sunny weather, it is recommended to water strawberries about once a week, adjusting the amount of water used depending on indicators of soil moisture;
  • you can water the bushes of garden strawberries by sprinkling and furrows, but the best effect is achieved when using the drip irrigation system;

  • when growing on well-cultivated and moisture-intensive soils, it is enough to feed garden strawberries only twice a season, using as a main fertilizer plant and well-decomposed dung humus;
  • strawberry ridges must be regularly weeded and loosened, which will ensure air access to the root system of plants;
  • berries of garden strawberries must be collected every two or three days, best in the morning, after the dew has dried, which allows you to get a dense and dry strawberry;
  • the removal of the main nutrients from the soil by strawberries is relatively small, but it is not recommended to grow this berry crop on the same site for more than three years.

Garden winter strawberries with proper care manages to build a healthy and powerful leaf apparatus, which will serve as a natural protection of the kidneys from frost.

How to plant strawberries in spring

Gardeners reviews

According to gardeners, strawberry variety "Chosen One" refers more to the mid-late ripening period and is characterized by very powerful peduncles and large leaves. With proper care, the yield is stable and high. The first crop is represented by very large berries, and subsequently berries are formed that are medium in size and weight.

Almost always, the berries have an attractive elongated-conical shape, slightly flattened on the sides, very tasty and fragrant. The features of this variety are: redness of the berry from the tip, the presence of a pronounced white “collar” on its upper part, a bright taste and rich aroma. The harvestability of the harvested crop is very good. The resistance of this variety to the main diseases and plant pests is quite high.