Cucumber "Ant F1": an early hybrid sprinter

Cucumber "Ant F1": an early hybrid sprinter

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Cucumber "Ant F1" is a very early partenocarpic bunch gherkin hybrid of the female flowering type, intended for cultivation in open ground, as well as on ridges in greenhouses and tunnels.

The originator of the hybrid is agrofirm "Manul". Cucumber is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in garden plots, and is also recommended for cultivation using film shelters in home gardens and small farms.

Grade characteristics

Cucumber "Ant F1" refers to ultra-early hybrids and forms a crop on average for 37-38 days after germination. Forms indeterminate srednepletnye plants with weak branching, female flowering type. The number of ovaries in the nodes is three or more. The leaves are medium sized, green in color, slightly wrinkled with slight waviness along the edges.

This hybrid is parthenocarpic. The length of marketable greens is 8-11 cm, weight - about 100-110 g. Fruits are large-tuberous, oval-cylindrical in shape, with crisp and juicy pulp without bitterness and voids.

Grade Advantages

Cucumber "Ant F1" is suitable both for fresh consumption and for canning. With proper agricultural technology, the yield of marketable fruits is 10-12 kg / m². Among the other advantages of the variety are the following:

  • self-pollination;
  • female flowering type
  • high productivity, practically independent of weather factors;
  • shortbirth and coarse tuberosity of greenhouses;
  • ultra-early crop formation;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • excellent taste indices;
  • marketable appearance and suitability for sale;
  • resistance to PTO, cladosporiosis, powdery and downy mildew.

Cucumber "Ant F1": variety description

Landing rules

Plant the cucumber "Ant F1" should be in the last days of May. In this case, you can use both seed and seedling methods. Seeds need to be sown prepared and soaked when the threat of frost passes and the soil warms up to + 10 ... +12 ° C, according to the scheme 50x30 cm, to a depth of 3-4 cm. Seedlings are planted according to the same scheme.

Cucumbers of this variety require light and extremely fertile soil. Planting seedlings should be carried out if the plants have at least four open leaves, which usually appear no earlier than the third week. Cucumbers have a superficially located root system and are very thermophilic, therefore, the soil must be warmed up, and the air temperature cannot be lower than + 18 ... +20 ° C.

Seeds are sown in planting holes, sprinkled on top with fertile and breathable soil, and then watered with warm water; seedlings are planted vertically and watered abundantly. Cucumbers planted in open ground are covered with a film without fail.

Care Features

Cucumber "Ant F1" is grown according to standard technology. To provide good care for him, it is necessary to carry out at least three top dressings for the entire vegetative period. Proponents of organic vegetables use non-chemical fertilizers for feeding: mullein, bird droppings, wood ash and nettle infusion.

The organization of the correct watering of cucumbers allows you to get the highest and highest quality crop. For irrigation use only warm water. The method of drip irrigation of the ridges is preferable: for this you can use ordinary plastic bottles filled with water with fertilizers, or a garden hose with holes.

Weeding cucumbers must be done in a timely manner so that weeds do not take a significant part of the nutrients from the vegetable crop. Mulching the ridges allows you to reduce the frequency of weeding, reduce water consumption during irrigation. In addition, mulched beds do not require loosening. Growing cucumbers, it is necessary to carefully control the thickening of plantings and remove the weakest and most poorly formed plants.

Reviews gardeners

Cucumber "Ant F1" fell in love with many gardeners due to such qualities as early maturity, high productivity and excellent taste. Negative reviews of the variety are associated with the acquisition of substandard seed material or regrading. There are no empty flowers by parthenocarpic varieties by definition, therefore, the yield of such cucumbers is always stable and high, and with agricultural technology, it increases markedly.

The best varieties of cucumbers

"Ant F1" is famous not only for delicious and beautiful cucumbers (dark green fruits with large spikes look very good in cans). In addition, plants are characterized by weak branching of shoots, take up very little space and do not grow, which is important for the small size of the garden plot.