Currant "Yonker van Tets": description and recommendations for growing

Currant "Yonker van Tets": description and recommendations for growing

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Red currant "Jonkheer Van Tets" ("Jonkheer Van Tets", "Jonkhir van Tets") enjoys well-deserved popularity in many regions of Russia. This mid-season variety was obtained by Dutch breeders when crossing the varieties Faya Fertile and London Market.

Yonker van Tets currant more than twenty years ago was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and allowed to cultivate in the North-West, Volga-Vyatka and Central Black Earth regions.

Characteristic and Description

Plant characteristics stated in the variety description are presented in the table.

BushesTall and erect. Thick enough. Young shoots are thick, with a pinkish tint and without pubescence. Lignified shoots are straight-growing, without brittleness, light beige staining. The kidneys are small, egg-shaped, located on short legs and deviate from the shoots
LeavesFive-lobed, large, rounded, leathery, dark green. The leaf plate is slightly concave in the region of the main veins. Leaf petioles of medium length, rather thick, with slight pubescence
FlowersSaucerous, large. The sepal staining is characteristic, with a slight anthocyanin. Sepals in contact. Flower brush medium or long, but not more than 10 cm, with a content of not more than 10 berries. Petioles are relatively thick, with pubescence and characteristic fragility
BerryLarge, weighing up to 0.75-1.5 g, evenly rounded, bright red color. Berry flesh contains a small amount of sufficiently large seeds and is covered with a dense skin. Taste tasting characteristics are very high. Fully ripened berries are used fresh and are good for processing. They contain slightly more than 13% solids and slightly more than 6% sugars. Titratable acidity at 2.7%. Vitamin C content is just over 30 mg for every 100 g of berry products.

The variety is very productive and with the right cultivation technology allows you to collect about 16.5 t / ha. When cultivated in a homestead farm, yield indicators are 6.5 kg per adult plant. Description of the variety declares early maturity and average self-fertility of the plant, increased frost resistance. Also, "Jonkheer Van Tets" is characterized by resistance to powdery mildew, is relatively rarely affected by anthracnose and kidney mites.

Currant "Yonker van Tets": variety description

Spring processing of bushes

Despite sufficient resistance to diseases and pests, in the spring, Yonker van Tets redcurrants need preventive measures that minimize the risk of anthracnose and such a dangerous plant parasite as a tick.

When infected with anthracnose, the leaves and shoots of the plant dry out and take on a burnt appearance. You can avoid the manifestation of these symptoms by treating currant bushes with fungicides and antifungal drugs. Bordeaux liquid and copper sulfate have good efficacy.

The currant bud mite is one of the most dangerous plant parasites of this berry culture.. The first sign of damage is the appearance of abnormally inflated buds on plants. At the next stage of vegetation, you can see clarified and deformed apical leaves. A good effect in the fight against pests gives scalding currant branches with boiling water, as well as processing plants Fufanon immediately before budding. You can use a solution of colloidal sulfur at the rate of 150 g per 10 liters of water.

An excellent prevention against damage to aphid bushes, caterpillars and powdery mildew is the periodic spraying of plants with the usual infusion of onion husks.

Well-groomed and not fertilized plantings of currant can quickly turn into a breeding ground for diseases and plant parasites. Therefore, it is very important to feed the plants on time.


Fertilizing for red currant "Yonker van Tets", as for other varieties, must be carried out according to the scheme and accompanied by abundant watering, allowing the root system of plants to better absorb nutrients.

Application DatesTop-dressing composition
1In early spring, at the stage of active shoot growthAbout 10-15 g of urea must be added to the organic solution. About one liter of fertilizer must be applied to one adult fruiting bush
2Two weeks after the first feedingAbout 40 g of superphosphate must be added to the organic solution. About 10 l of fertilizer must be applied to one bush
3Three weeks after the second feedingIn 10 l of water add 20 g of superphosphate, 20 g of ammonium nitrate and 15 g of potassium sulfate. 5 l of top dressing is applied under each bush.
4Together with autumn water recharge watering plantsA solution based only on potash and phosphorus fertilizers

With soil depletion, which negatively affects the state of the berry culture, it is recommended to carry out highly effective top dressing. Extra-root top dressing of currant with microelements in the spring period has proven itself very well.

Grade Reviews

Dutch red currant "Jonker van Tets" has a lot of advantages and, according to gardeners, stands out against other varieties with high quality characteristics of berries, early ripening and sufficient resistance to basic diseases in the conditions of home gardening.

How to plant currants

According to the observations of summer residents, the berries of this variety have very good transportability, the plant quickly begins to bear fruit and, with proper care, yields at least 4-6 kg of yield from one berry bush. Experienced gardeners recommend not to forget about the protection of Yonker van Tets currant bushes during the period of possible return frosts, which can cause the ovaries to fall off this early flowering plant.


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