Cabbage "Kolobok f1": features of the variety

Cabbage "Kolobok f1": features of the variety

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Cabbage "Kolobok f1" - a very productive hybrid form, forming heads of cabbage, aligned in shape and size, with excellent taste. The originator of the cabbage variety "Kolobok f1" is a breeding station named after N. N. Timofeev. The description of the variety and its characteristics are included in the State Register for the Russian Federation.

Grade description

A late ripe cabbage hybrid forms a half-raised leafy rosette. The standard height does not exceed 30-34 cm. The average diameter of the leaf rosette is from 45-55 cm. The leaves are smooth, obovate in shape, with a pronounced dark green color.

There is a very pronounced wax coating and weak undulation. Fully ripened heads of cabbage are round, dense. The mass of heads of cabbage at the stage of technical maturity is at least 4.2 kg. The pulp of the cabbage in the section is whitish, very attractive. Characteristic is the presence of an average length of the outer poker and a short inner poker. Taste is excellent. Marketable yield, depending on the characteristics of the cultivation region, can vary from 860 to 1015 kg / ha or from 7 to 12 kg per square meter of planting.

This hybrid is characterized by high levels of total sugars, ascorbic acid, as well as a complete lack of bitterness, excellent taste and marketable appearance. Late ripe cabbage is perfect for fresh consumption, even after prolonged storage. This hybrid, without exaggeration, can be called the most juicy of most varieties. It absolutely does not lose its color and juiciness during storage.

The value of this hybrid form is the presence of high morphological evenness, simultaneous ripening of the crop, excellent density of heads of cabbage and guaranteed keeping quality for six or seven months, as well as high marketable yield of the harvested crop.

Cabbage "Kolobok f1": variety description

Harvest Dates and Rules

Cabbage "Kolobok f1" ripens very amicably, which allows growers to prepare cabbage in the shortest possible time. Harvesting must be carried out in a timely manner, when the heads of cabbage reach marketable size. Heads of cabbage are cut with three or four rosette leaves. For proper harvesting, you need to focus on the main signs of maturation of such a vegetable crop as white cabbage:

  • the degree of maturity of the heads of cabbage is determined by touch, the hard and mature sizes that are characteristic of the hybrid form, the heads of cabbage are to be cleaned;
  • maturity is also determined by the growth of heads of cabbage. If the heads of cabbage stopped growing, then in order to prevent cracking, they should be collected;
  • ripe and suitable for harvesting white cabbage is distinguished by yellowing of the lower leaves.

In any case, the harvest of late-ripening varieties and hybrid forms must be harvested before the onset of severe frost. Cut heads headed for under the influence of the low-temperature regime are not subject to long-term storage and are most often used for preservation or pickling for the winter period.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Hybrid cabbage "Kolobok", according to vegetable growers, is ideally suited for cultivation on a personal or garden plot. Cabbage is very good in that the heads of cabbage do not crack or bitter. Positive feedback from gardeners is also given regarding the shelf life of the harvested crop. The storage performance of the heads is excellent. Cabbage from the harvesting period until the very summer in a cool place perfectly preserves the presentation and taste.

Growing cabbage under the bottles

Heads of cabbage are round in shape, quite dense and, with proper care, reach a mass of 4-4.5 kg. Outside, the cabbage is very attractive, pale green, and the pulp on the cut can be white or yellowish-white.

Also, this popular hybrid of white cabbage is very suitable for pickling in the winter. There is a very high resistance of the hybrid form of this vegetable culture to damage by vascular and mucous bacterioses, fusarium wilt, gray and white rot, which also makes this variety popular among vegetable growers. For hybrid "Kolobok" is acceptable cultivation as seedling and seedling methods, which is very convenient in the home gardening.