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Strawberries "Red Mittens": features of cultivation and characteristics of the variety

Strawberries "Red Mittens": features of cultivation and characteristics of the variety

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Strawberry "Red Mitten" belongs to the repairing varieties and forms neat bushes with a height of not more than 25 cm and numerous peduncles. The large-fruited variety is characterized by amicable and abundant fruiting, as well as excellent quality and marketability of fully ripened berries.

Grade characteristics

Strawberries, or garden strawberries, "Red Mittens" is a very compact berry crop. On each peduncle, about ten fairly large white flowers are formed. The plant forms a very small number of mustaches, so it is most often grown from seed material.

The variety is characterized by early ripening, high productivity and is characterized by good taste of ripe berries. Fruiting is plentiful and continuous, from the last decade of June in the southern regions to frosts. Harvesting in the more northern growing regions begins in July. Round oval berries weighing up to 25-30 g with a fairly dense and very juicy pulp and pronounced strawberry aroma.

Landing requirements

Strawberry varieties "Red Mittens" multiplies very well when grown from seeds, subject to the following technology:

  • sowing in March or early April in a planting container filled with fertile and light soil intended for growing flower crops;
  • seeds must be evenly distributed over the entire surface of a well-moistened soil and cover the planting with a film before emergence;
  • while ensuring the correct temperature and humidity indicators, the appearance of mass shoots is observed approximately two weeks after sowing;
  • at the stage of the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, strawberry seedlings should be dived into separate seedling pots.

How to grow strawberries

You can plant seedlings in open ground, which is quite strong, has six true leaves. Before planting, it is necessary to conduct hardening procedures that will allow young plants to quickly acclimatize in a permanent place. Planting is done with a row spacing of 30-35 cm and a distance between plants of at least 18-20 cm. Due to its compactness, this variety is often grown as a pot culture. Seedlings obtained from seeds from the company "Gavrish", according to the description of gardeners, are very strong and stocky, look great and do not need special care.

Care Features

The main care for garden strawberry varieties "Red Mittens" comes down mainly to soil treatment and fertilizing. However, such measures as soil mulching, protective measures, weeding and cultivation are necessary to obtain a high-quality and high yield:

  • starting from the first half of May, when the berry culture starts growing, and until the very last days of September, garden strawberries need abundant irrigation;
  • watering is carried out with warm water in the early morning or in the evening and should contribute to constant, but not excessive soil moisture;
  • for feeding large-fruited garden strawberries, especially those requiring additional nutrition, it is best to use mullein or diluted bird droppings;
  • in the spring, along with the first loosening of the soil for feeding, it is desirable to use a complex fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at the rate of 1-2 tbsp. l 10 l of warm water;
  • To reduce the number of weeds and cultivations, it is recommended to mulch strawberry ridges.

In the autumn period, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of strawberry crops, preventive spraying and sanitary pruning and cover the ridges with organic mulch or non-woven material.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberries called Red Mittens are recommended for fresh consumption and freezing. The berries are very juicy and quite large. According to gardeners, the main advantages of this variety of strawberry are juiciness, flowering time and long fruiting, bright aroma and excellent taste of berries. The harvest is relatively stubborn and transportable.

The most correct and optimal when growing is the presence of three ridges: the first, second and third years of fruiting. Garden strawberries of this variety should be planted in a well-seasoned ridge, after which single feeding can be carried out for three years.

Strawberry: watering and fertilizer

However, after the third or fourth harvest, experienced gardeners update strawberry bushes, as productivity is significantly reduced and the quality of the berry is lost. This variety does not need intensive agricultural technology and bears fruit when implementing the standard care for this berry culture.