Cheddar "Shchedryk f1": a variety for a rich harvest

Cheddar "Shchedryk f1": a variety for a rich harvest

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Gavrish Shchedryk f1 cucumber is a precocious hybrid form that has proven itself when grown for both personal consumption and for sale. This hybrid form is included in the State Register for garden and household plots, as well as small farms.

Grade description

The precocious parthenocarpic pollination type hybrid is characterized by universal use and high disease resistance. Bushes of cherries "Shchedryk f1" are vigorous, with an average level of weaving, highly leafy, with a female type of flowering and the formation of 2-3 ovaries in nodes. The fruiting phase occurs on the 47th day from the appearance of seedlings.

Fruits with a length of 10 to 12 cm, with a tuberous and white-thorny surface, cylindrical in shape, with a diameter in cross section at the level of 3.7 cm. The average weight of the fetus is 98 g. The pulp of good density, without bitterness, is covered with fragrant and delicate skin.

The total yield of the plant, depending on the cultivation conditions, can vary from 5.5 to 7.0 kg. Fruits are characterized by excellent keeping quality and can be transported over long distances without loss of market value and taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the promising hybrid form Shchedryk f1 are confirmed by the presence of the following characteristics:

  • possesses good keeping quality;
  • has a high level of transportability;
  • resistance to powdery mildew, true and false, olive spotting, root rot and TMV;
  • excellent taste and appearance of the fruit;
  • both open and closed soil are suitable for cultivation;
  • high yield of marketable fruits at a level of not less than 12.8 kg per each square meter of plantings of this vegetable crop;
  • suitability for implementation and versatility of use.

The fruits of this hybrid form are never bitter. They simply are not able to accumulate the bitter substances of cucurbitacin even under very adverse growing conditions. Also, this hybrid forms fruits without pollination, which increases the level of productivity in any conditions.

Cucumbers: variety selection

Seed cultivation

The Shchedryk f1 hybrid is intended for cultivation in the open and protected soil. It is possible to sow seeds on ridges in the last decade of May subject to the following conditions:

  • it is preferable to use ridges with breathable and medium loamy soils, which are fertilized with essential nutrients in the fall;
  • the soil in which it is planned to grow cucumbers, it is very important to enrich the organic matter in advance and make high-quality compost or mature manure;
  • It is recommended to sow seeds in a soil warmed up to at least 16-18 ° C, which will guarantee a high percentage of germination;
  • when performing ordinary sowing, one should adhere to a distance between seeds of 10 cm and a distance between rows of at least 60 cm;

  • when conducting nest sowing, a 50x70 cm scheme is used, with seeds deepened from 2 to 3 cm;
  • vegetable crops such as cabbage, potatoes, legumes, peppers, tomatoes and onions can act as precursors to cucumbers;

Before sowing, the seeds should be subjected to competent pre-sowing treatment, which will allow to reject all inferior and non-similar seeds, and also contribute to a more friendly and early seedlings. Crops should be protected from low temperatures with any covering material.

Seedling method of planting

Despite the fact that the cucumber "Shchedryk f1" refers to early hybrid forms, for regions with a cool climate, it is recommended to use the seedling method of cultivation:

  • Before sowing seedlings, it is necessary to carry out preparatory measures and perform disinfection, heating, hardening and soaking of seeds;
  • Before the first shoots appear, seedlings are preferably covered with a film or glass and kept at a temperature of 25-28 ° C, trying to maintain soil moisture;

  • emerged seedlings must be illuminated, place the seedling box in a bright room with a temperature regime of 20 ° C;
  • in order to prepare seedlings for planting in a permanent place, ten-day hardening procedures should be carried out.

The age of cucumber seedlings at the time of planting should be approximately 25-30 days. Hybrid forms, as well as bush varieties, it is desirable to plant seedlings with a distance of 90 cm from each other and with the same gap between the rows.

Care Rules

Cucumber "Shchedryk f1" is able to increase productivity while observing agricultural technology. The technology for growing this hybrid is standard and includes a range of activities:

  • watering plants after the heat of the day has subsided, with water warmed in the sun;
  • feeding using organic and mineral fertilizers, the application of which is desirable to alternate;
  • double treatment of plants with modern fungicides in order to prevent damage by pathogenic microorganisms and fungal infection;

  • tying the lashes on the trellis, which will improve the ventilation of the plant, facilitate uniform ripening of the fruits and make grooming less time-consuming;
  • ridges should be regularly weeded, and systematic shallow loosening of the soil should be carried out.

High temperature inside the greenhouse space or under film shelter can adversely affect the quality of the fruit, as well as provoke a significant increase in the number of male flowers. Therefore, it is recommended on especially hot days to perform shading of plants and observe the ventilation mode.

Reviews of gardeners

Cheddar "Shchedryk f1" forms a vine, almost completely decorated with small greenery, and the more often the harvest occurs, the more fruits appear. Experienced gardeners from each bush receive more than 120 small-seeded, dense, with a very pleasant taste and a complete absence of bitterness of fruits. The hybrid is resistant to diseases and has matured, which cannot but please gardeners.

How to plant cucumbers

Reviews of gardeners allow us to characterize this hybrid as absolutely unpretentious, but at the same time high-yielding. For many gardeners, the Shchedryk f1 cucumber has become the favorite and is grown from year to year. In addition, the seeds from the company "Gavrish" have long been popular among summer residents, due to the high percentage of germination, as well as the quality of the seed material, which always meets the declared characteristics.