Chicken and Korean carrot salad: the best recipes and cooking secrets

Chicken and Korean carrot salad: the best recipes and cooking secrets

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Korean carrots are a frequent guest at our casual and festive tables. It is interesting that only immigrants from Korea who live in the territory of the former USSR know about it. After all, it is nothing but a substitute for Beijing cabbage in the national spicy salad "Gimchi." The secret here is in a special way of slicing carrots with thin strips and marinade with vinegar, vegetable oil and red ground hot pepper. Salad from such a carrot is most often made with chicken breast and various other ingredients.

Selection and preparation of ingredients

To prepare a delicious salad, you need to know how to choose and prepare its basic ingredients:

  1. Carrots should be medium-sized, plump and sweet. Cut it with a special grater to make the strips thin and long.
  2. A good addition to this salad is cilantro, walnut, which balance the sharpness of the salad, black pepper.
  3. The oil should be fragrant.

The following techniques are used for this:

  • heat the oil and add the chopped garlic pepper in it, after a while removing it;
  • fry the onion in oil, then remove it and add coriander, toasted sesame seeds and hot red pepper instead;
  • add pre-fried sesame seeds and a little warmed sesame oil.

Basic Salad Recipe

He needs 200 grams of carrots, the same amount of cheese, 2 chicken, 2 tomatoes, bell pepper, fresh cucumber, green onion, mayonnaise. Boil the chicken. Then cut into thin strips chicken meat, tomatoes, pepper without seeds, cucumber. Cheese is required to be coarsely grated, and chopped onions. All these components should be mixed with carrots and add mayonnaise. There you can add 2 chopped boiled chicken eggs.

Tomatoes and cucumbers can be replaced with canned corn, or you can make the salad puff: cut the tomato into thin slices and put them in the form of a sandwich, smeared with mayonnaise, and alternating with slices of cucumber.

How to make Mushroom Glade salad

Popular recipes

A selection of the most interesting salads is offered, where Korean carrots and chicken are the main components:

With cabbage

For a family dinner, you will need 200 grams of carrot and cabbage, chicken breast, onion, 3 eggs, a handful of walnuts, mayonnaise.

Cooking sequence:

  • chicken and eggs are boiled, peeled and chopped;
  • onions are chopped, and cabbage is chopped;
  • nuts are crushed in a mortar;
  • all components are combined, dressed with mayonnaise and salted.

With smoked chicken legs and mushrooms

This salad is laid out in layers:

  • smoked ham, cut into cubes;
  • fried mushrooms with onions;
  • 5 boiled eggs, chopped on a coarse grater;
  • 3 chopped "barrel" cucumbers;
  • Korean carrot.

Smoked meat can be replaced with meatloaf or ham. And fried champignons - pickled mushrooms.

With oranges

For such a salad, you need 200 grams of chicken, carrots and cheese, 3 eggs, 2 oranges and mayonnaise. Layers alternate in this way:

  • boiled chicken, cut into strips;
  • Korean carrots
  • sliced ​​orange;
  • grated eggs;
  • grated cheese.

Each layer should be smeared with mayonnaise.

With beets

For this option, 3 boiled potatoes, 150 grams of carrots, boiled beets, half an onion, 200 grams of smoked chicken, mayonnaise and yolk are needed. Lettuce is laid out in the following sequence:

  • diced potato;
  • carrot;
  • chopped meat;
  • chopped onions;
  • grated beets.

All layers are slightly greased with mayonnaise, and the top is decorated with grated yolk. This salad looks spectacular on a wide plate or in a transparent salad bowl.

With kiwi and apple

Food consumption: 4 boiled eggs, 300 grams of boiled fillet, 2 kiwi and unsweetened apples, mayonnaise, 150 grams of grated cheese and carrots.

Alternating layers:

  • Chicken fillet, cut into small pieces;
  • sliced ​​kiwi;
  • grated proteins;
  • grated apples;
  • grated cheese;
  • Korean carrot;
  • grated yolks.

Lightly coat all layers with mayonnaise.

Pomegranate salad

For it, you need 300 grams of boiled chicken, 3-5 boiled potatoes, 5 eggs, pomegranate, a glass of carrot, mayonnaise. His secret in an unusual form of salad is in the form of a five-pointed star.

  • 1 layer - boiled chicken;
  • 2 layer - grated boiled potatoes;
  • 3 layer - carrot;
  • 4 layer - crushed boiled eggs.

The contours of the salad and its top are laid out with pomegranate seeds. And each of the layers, except for the upper one, is impregnated with mayonnaise.

Salad dressings

Traditional mayonnaise is not suitable for everyone, because He is very high in calories. You can replace it with not so fat homemade mayonnaise or dressing made of sour cream, unsweetened yogurt or kefir. You can prepare other salad dressings according to such recipes:

  1. Half a glass of sunflower oil, juice of 2 lemons, a few slices of garlic passed through the garlic, a spoonful of dry mustard.
  2. A glass of milk, 100 grams of cottage cheese, salt, sugar, caraway seeds, mustard.
  3. Half a glass of vinegar and the same amount of vegetable oil, a spoonful of sugar and mustard, 3 slices of chopped garlic, salt and black pepper.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the options for preparing the salad "Lover."

Submission methods

To decorate the salad, make it bright and festive, you can serve it this way:

  1. Put black olives on top in the form of a grape brush, and use cilantro or parsley as grape leaves.
  2. The stylized bouquet of violets looks originally, where spinach serves as leaves, and thin slices of radish, painted with juice of red cabbage or beetroot, serve as flowers.
  3. You can put the salad on an oblong plate in the form of a hedgehog with needles - carrots. On the back you can put a couple of pickled mushrooms. The head will be part of the salad, sprinkled with grated cheese. Eyes and nose are black olives. And on the edges of the plate - lay out parsley leaves.
  4. You can form a salad in the form of a funny face, using berries, fruit slices and other edible materials at hand. Such a healthy and very nice salad will undoubtedly interest kids.
  5. Layer ingredients can be laid out not vertically, but in the form of multi-colored petals. Serve the sauce separately without stirring the salad.

Chicken and Korean Carrot Salad

As we can see, there are many recipes for salads based on Korean carrots with chicken. They are hearty, tasty and smart. They can also be made with beans, prunes, eggplant or other products. Such salads can not get bored. They are the decoration of any table all year round.